About the company

ELLI was founded in 2003 in the city of Liepaja, as locals belief that is the city where wind is born. We are presenting to you a new collection of lingerie, which includes the best models of women lingerie with European quality. Lingerie is a clothing, that is closest to your body, so the quality of raw materials for us is one of the most important aspects. A distinctive feature of the products of our brand is constant high quality, which for many buyers has become a reference when choosing underwear.

ELLI products follow all the latest trends and implement original ideas when being made by our designers. For many of those who have already discovered the lingerie of our brand, attractive is that the lingerie are created in limited quantities, therefore, ELLI products can be considered not only practical and fashionable, but also exclusive.

Lingerie is an important element in the arsenal of the attractiveness of the fairer sex. Some time ago ladies that were wishing to emphasize their beauty were forced to choose between look and comfort but those time are long gone - now ELLI company has proven that variety of models, practicality and quality is not inferior to their spectacular appearance.

For the production and sales of lingerie our company has highly qualified staff and technical resources. Blend of energy, creativeness, skills and talent of our staff and also highly experienced management results in a gradual improvement of our product and services, which also leads to well deserved praise of our customers and competitions.

In order to stay competent in the global market you need to constantly improve and to keep pace with the times. Therefore, representatives of ELLI annually attend international exhibitions of underwear, for example such as the "Salon International de la Lingerie Paris" or "Textillegprom Moscow". This experience allows us to get inspiration for new ideas, adjust to the new trends which results in company's productivity increases.

ELLI`s lingerie is made with the help of modern equipment like JUKI - the recognized world leader in the production of high quality sewing machines. JUKI company's equipment has high quality, reliability and meets all modern requirements. The main supplier of fabrics and lace products is a Latvian company Lauma Fabrics, which is characterized by first-class quality, moreover materials from Italy, Germany, France and other European suppliers are widely used in our lingerie. A wide range of our products are complemented by thermal treatment of textile materials - molding.

Our Lingerie Collection

Our collections offer a wide range of lingerie, both classically designed and fashion. We pay great attention to the development and production of our large sized underwear and underwear for shape correction to hide flaws and highlight the dignity of women. Through a rigorous approach for product quality and selection of suppliers for high-quality materials, product meets the highest international standards. Since 2010, the ELLI company has launched luxury collection , which is refined lingerie made of luxury materials and at the same time fits perfectly. All of the modern materials used for the manufacture of underwear, have the following properties:

• pleasant to the touch
• comfortable
• do not cause skin irritation
• easy to clean
• elastic
• gently fits the shape and form

Now ELLI launches incredible collection of Spring / Summer 2017. The creation of exquisite lingerie models, sensual and delicate collection, which is easy to wear, it is a great success - which in the result became a separate project, based on the ongoing cooperation's. One of the leading manufacturers of lingerie in Latvia, the company ELLI will continue its history of success in the production and promotion of innovative fashion lingerie in Europe and Russia.

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